Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Decoupaged Picture Frame from Michaels

Slam Alikom "Peace be upon You",
Today Project is so simple and the Ideas are endless
I was shopping at Michaels store for my son Birthday projects,and I found those two Picture frames on clearance,each for $1.47 So I bought two of them for a new project for my son's room :)

Original Frames

Those framed designed to be put on a table not to be hanged I think, So that they come with a hole in the back with a small wooden stick to that you can use to support the frame and let it stand firmly, but for me I wanted to hang them on the wall so I thought I can use those holes to hang the frames by just putting a Nail in the wall and get it inside the hole 

To start I went to my scrapbook papers and searched for the perfect papers for his Room,collect all waht I have and here are the requirements 

To make two Frames:
1-2 scrapbook papers "12 by 12" that coordinate perfectly together.   
2-Mod podge
3-Craft Paint "I used Martha Stewart red pearl paint.
4-Foam brush
5-paper cutter
6-Craft knife


1-I painted the border of the Frames with the red color.
The outside borders
The inside borders
2-This frame is 12*12 inches and I decided to cover it by squares each is 4*4, So I cut the 2 papers to 4*4 squares
3-Before I mod podge the papers,I thought it is better to paint the edges where the squares intersect so nothing will show under them
4-Now I applied a thin layer of mod podge then adhere the paper squares

5-Let it dry for 10 mins Then apply a final mod podge layer on the top of the papers.
6-Now,It is time to embellish it,I used glitter cars stickers and Gemstones stickers 
I didn't like the green gemstone so I colored them red using sharpie  marker :)

7-Put your photos and you are DONE :)

Hope you like It and Thanks for stopping by :)


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