Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today..I'm 27 --------------------------

Slam Alikom Everyone

Today Is my Birthday ...YAY  :(

I'm 27 yrs old ...Only 3 yrs to go :((
I really can't believe how time flies,I feel like it was yesterday when I reached 20's and was so scared then...LOL

Anyway,Last year Lots of things, that gonna change my life forever ,happened,one is REALLY happy,and other is WAY SAAAAAAD

The Happy one is for sure having my first BABY NOAH , which means being A  MOM for the first time Al Hamdu Le Alaah.

I Loooooooooooove u Noah, u mean everything for me,may Allah make u among Saleheen Ya Rab.

The Sad one, Is Losing a very big part of my heart.........I lost My MOM :(
I Hope she is in a better place now Ya Rab ISA.

well lets go to the part that I make this post for - - - - - - The cake wooooooooow

To have a friend is really great, but to have such a talented one is PRICELESS ; )

My Dear Friend Maysa , made me a really amazing BD cake, she surprised me with this piece of Art that I wish the cake would be fake to save it forever.

Here is the beautiful Cake

Thank you Maysa soooo much, and also Happy Birthday to you too ;)

P.S:  To Visit Maysa's cooking Blog,please go to :

Have a good time 


Hanaa Yehia said...

mashallahhhhhhh :D.. so sweet.. how long did it take you Maysa ?!! :D Happy birthday ya 3agooza :P

tasnim said said...

I know Maysa will say" It took me no time, It is so easy" loool
Thank u ya shabab

ghada said...

Ana 3ayza agy tany momken ?:D

tasnim said said...

lool law le7e2ty ba2a :)

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