Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby Shower Decorations....

Slam Alikom ,

Sorry for The long Break from posting, But I have problem with my Laptop I hope I can Fix it soon ISA.

Ok, I have to admit that I'm addicted to Party decorations. 

Since I started with a " Balloons column " which was The first thing to do, I can't stop myself :)

Today I wanna show u one of the best parties I ever attended , Its A Baby Shower for my dear Friend Maysa. 

The Theme of the party was The "OWl" character , The colors were baby Blue,yellow, green and white.

Ok, lets start with The Banner ,

And Here Is my First Daiper Cake, I really enjoyed making it,It was so much fun, rolling Daipers, Hidding small baby gifts and of course decorating it.

I just printed this cute Owl on a cardstock white paper, then cut it and paste it on a circle cardstock frame, then hang it on the Ribbon using those tiny blue clothespin I think It turns out great :)

For the middle tier, I made a "Mini Banner" 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand...........The Cake
Of course I didn't make it :)
It is the Amaaaazing Maysa

some photos from the party

I think every thing In the party was just perfect ,We all had such a great time.

P.S: This banner is available in my store on Etsy, please visit it here:

Have a great time.


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