Thursday, December 29, 2011

Circle Mini Album Giveaway

Slam Alikom ,

My First Giveaway was A Girly Circle Mini Album, and the winner was my dear friend "Sumaya".
I made it for her cute daughter "SARA".

I used Old CD's to make this Album, cardstock patterned papers and cut a 5" circles to cover the CD's, 
and of course " lots of embellishments " :)

Now, Time for photos

This is The front Cover

The first page contains a part of a beautiful poem speaking about messages from mother to daughter.
I Designed it in Photoshop with this cute bear brush and some hearts brush too.

In the Left side , A waterfall page That has Sara's letters on the Edge.
I designed it on "Sure cut A Lot v2.0" program, then cut it on my Cricut machine.

The Waterfall page in action.
If you want to know how to make this waterfall page ,please watch this great tutorial:

Two pockets page and more tags for journaling ad photos.

A Transparent plastic page.
I cut the plastic from a cookies plastic container and adhere two sides together to make a pocket.
I adhere a photo on one side, and inside the pocket I make a mini accordion page.

Hope you guys like it ,please don't forget to comment :))

Sunday, December 11, 2011

cards with Digital stamps

Slam Alikom,

Finally I used my "watercolor pencils " :).
I bought them after I saw a tutorial on the internet about how to use them to color your stamped Image , and I really liked the result ,so I went to Joann "My favorite craft store" and bought them but actually i didn't have any " Image stamp" to color it :(
But Now after having my printer I'm able to use some of my Digital stamps.
The steps:
1- I printed some of the digital stamps in a white card stock  paper.
2-Colored them with the water color pencils and my Aqua brush.
3-cut them.
4-I designed some "Islamic saying" on photoshop and then printed them.
5-Made those cards with them :)

Here are the cards:

 The stamp I used here is from "", Thank you brother Amir for you permission :)
It is a very good Blog for Kids.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My First Mini Album out of toilet paper Roll

Slam Alikom,

Finally I made my first mini album,I found this Idea on the internet and I really like the result I saw on other people's blog.

today I'm gonna share with you mine :)

         For the Cover, I designed the names on Photoshop, then printed them on Glossy paper,

         cut them, and then covered them with "Glossy accents" glue.
Let them dry and then I used them as stickers. 

One of  the Tags.
I used two "Foam hearts" working as handler for the Tag, and also looks pretty.  

The whole Album in a glance.

And here is the Video that show more details of it.

Note: The Video is In Arabic :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recycled Container

I had this coffee mate big container several times and always want to recycle it but I never did.
This Time I decided to use my "mod podge glue" and reuse this big container.

This is a picture of the " "mod podge glue"
Here is some details about this glue for those who are interested .

Back to my recycling project, less talk and more pictures

The container.

After applying the first layer of mod podge.
                                                      The glue is white at the beginning but It dries clear.

1-I cut some papers to cover the container with, 
actually I wanted to get rid of some paper scraps so I used two colors :).

2-Let the glue dry for about 10 minutes before the next step "for best results".

3- Between the two colored papers ,I used this ribbon to cover any gab between them.
4-let it dry and then apply the LAST layer of "mod podge" .
This step is IMPORTANT, cuz This layer is a coat for ur paper to protect it .

You can use any embellishments u like, flowers, stickers... etc  

and here is my new container , I'm using it as a kitchen utensils container,it really helps :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Islamic new year cards "كل عام وانتم بخير"

Slam Alikom,

Today I made a Group of small cards ' 3"*5"$ 2"*5" '.
I made 4 designs for The new Islamic year, they are all made from the same papers but with different embellishments.

Here is "How-to" Steps :

  1.  I made a "litter size" sheet of "كل عام وانتم بخير" word, then print it.
  2. Cut them with my paper trimmer .
  3. Cut their corners.
  4. Cut a dark blue paper " 3"*5  & 2"*5" ' , then punch one of its edges using "Martha Stewart edge punches" -Srry I Forgot its name- .
  5. I used some ribbon in different colors in each card and some buttons as embellishments .

        Here are the cards.

Those cards are available for purchase :)

please send me an e.mail for more details.

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