Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Smile.. It is Sunnah" Card

Slam Alikom ,

As a Muslim , we all know that Islam rewards Muslims for smiling in the face of others! Smiling when others look at you is regarded as a form of charity for which Muslims get rewarded. Muslims are also instructed to greet each other when they see each other with the best possible Greeting.

I really like how Islam care about each detail in our life , And I wish We All could teach our childrens all these Manners.

For that,I thought making a card about that manner will be a good way to teach and spread This Sunnah.

          Smile .......It is Sunnah 

So, What do u think?!!!


ghada said...

Gameel awy ya Nemo mashAllah !

Anonymous said...

تحفة تحفة وربنا يجازيكي خير بجد فكرة روعة ما شاء الله والكارت يجنن تسلم ايدين ارق فنانة

tasnim said said...

Thank u ya Ghada :)

tasnim said said...

ربنا يخليكي ليا :)

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