Sunday, December 11, 2011

cards with Digital stamps

Slam Alikom,

Finally I used my "watercolor pencils " :).
I bought them after I saw a tutorial on the internet about how to use them to color your stamped Image , and I really liked the result ,so I went to Joann "My favorite craft store" and bought them but actually i didn't have any " Image stamp" to color it :(
But Now after having my printer I'm able to use some of my Digital stamps.
The steps:
1- I printed some of the digital stamps in a white card stock  paper.
2-Colored them with the water color pencils and my Aqua brush.
3-cut them.
4-I designed some "Islamic saying" on photoshop and then printed them.
5-Made those cards with them :)

Here are the cards:

 The stamp I used here is from "", Thank you brother Amir for you permission :)
It is a very good Blog for Kids.


Yuosra said...

حلوين قوي ..ماشاء الله

tasnim said...

شكرا يا سوسو

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