Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recycled Container

I had this coffee mate big container several times and always want to recycle it but I never did.
This Time I decided to use my "mod podge glue" and reuse this big container.

This is a picture of the " "mod podge glue"
Here is some details about this glue for those who are interested .

Back to my recycling project, less talk and more pictures

The container.

After applying the first layer of mod podge.
                                                      The glue is white at the beginning but It dries clear.

1-I cut some papers to cover the container with, 
actually I wanted to get rid of some paper scraps so I used two colors :).

2-Let the glue dry for about 10 minutes before the next step "for best results".

3- Between the two colored papers ,I used this ribbon to cover any gab between them.
4-let it dry and then apply the LAST layer of "mod podge" .
This step is IMPORTANT, cuz This layer is a coat for ur paper to protect it .

You can use any embellishments u like, flowers, stickers... etc  

and here is my new container , I'm using it as a kitchen utensils container,it really helps :)


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