Saturday, May 5, 2012

My First Scrapbook Expo visit.....

Slam Alikom,

From the first time I saw photos of Scrapbook Expo, It becomes a dream for me.
Imagine yourself surrounded with all these goodies only about scrapbooking!!!!!! It is heaven :)

I waited for a very Long time to have One close to my home and Finally .......I did It                                  YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY

Friday Fib 24, There was a scrapbook Expo at Anaheim Convention Center, and I was there .

I went there at 2pm and didn't leave until they kicked us out :) LOOOOOL, They kept saying "Ladies thanx for coming but please we r going to close at 6....ladies it is 5.45....., It is 6...sorry we have to close :)) " at this moment I was just entering another booth and staring at their amazing paper collection :D

It was really amazing experience, everything was Just perfect, and I'm here today to write my experience as a "First time visitor"

Here are some lessons I learned :

1-Go Early; 

The Big mistake I made was going sooooo Late " My baby was crazy the night before :( ".
 So Next time I will go just after opining.

The Expo is really a big discovery area, It is the best place to see all new products, learn how to use them,and also see the final projects made with them. You will be amazed by all these Ideas you can make with each product, So you will need Time to watch, learn and shopping.

2-Have a lot of cash :
Although they accept credit cards but they have a min purchase required "I think the Minimum is $10 ".
and there is some booth have a"one Dollar" Deal ,So you might not exceed the "Min Limit".

3-Start your shopping first:
what I did "which I think wasn't right"  is that I started by visiting the big brands booth and stopped there to learn about there new products, It is good to learn by watching tools in actions but that took me along time,so eventually I was rushed and had no time for shopping the great deals.

4-Shop for papers:
I think the most amazing thing about the Expo is having this huge paper collection under the same roof,so you can buy them for a good price without thinking about the "Shipping Price".

5-Take a Photo for Booth's Name which you like:
weird!!! maybe, but believe me, it is verrry helpful to remember the names of the brands you liked so that you can check there websites later.

Now, some pictures from the heaven :)

This was the " ClearScraps" booth, It is all about clear acrylic album and banners.
Visit them here:

These are some scrapbook pages I liked them :)

This is from "Nicole Petersen Designs

I call this "heaven of Stamps"
It is the "The Stamp of Life" booth.

Some photos from the Expo.

and this is me with my goody bags :)

Here is my scrapbook Haul :)

lots of stamps, each of them was $1.75 

some embellishments 

scrapbook papers

Mega stamps :)

some Dies for my cuttlebug machine.

Doodle stamps.

Mini Albums, $1 each :)

and finally.... a video from the Anaheim Expo 

thanx for stopping by.....


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