Monday, May 7, 2012

Styrofoam ball pen holder

Slam Alikom All,

Today, I wanna share with you a very easy DIY project.

A Styrofoam ball pen holder.

Materials needed:
1-Styrofoam ball
2-hot glue gun
3-Small  jar lid "I used the lid of Gerber baby food Jar.

1-Use the pen" that you will put later in the holder" to make a hole in your foam ball, just take the pen and push it through the ball but don't make it so deep though.

2-Use your hot glue gun and glue the ball to the Jar lid.
3- Test the stability of your holder now, do that by putting the pen in the holder and see if it could stand alone or not,if it is not stable try to adjust the hole again but moving your pen in the hole to the side a little bit.
4-Now your holder is ready and you only need to embellish it with ribbon and stickers of your choice.
5- Use your glue gun to glue the ribbon around the ball try to cover the Jar lid and the edge between the ball and the Lid.

The Jar Lid

The Styrofoam ball after making the hole

Glue the ball to the Lid

test the stability 

The holder after gluing the ribbon, I used to colors here,then I used some paper flowers as embellishments 

close view of the holder.

Easy ha?!!

hope you all like it and give it a try too :)
Thanx for stopping by.


Karima said...

What a brilliant idea - i must try something like this!

tasnim said said...

I'm glad you like it Karima, and also happy to have you in my Blog :)

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